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Corona Virus Update


First and foremost, your health and safety are our _primary _concern. We are also concerned about our health, and our families.

On March 20th Governor DeSantis signed Executive Order 20-72 limiting dental care to emergency and essential services until May 8, 2020. In order to abide by this limitation, we have ceased providing nonessential dental care until that time, or whenever we are allowed to return to normal practices.

We will of course be available for your emergency dental needs, and any other dental care you feel is essential. And if you have a family member, friend or co-worker who is not a patient of ours, we will be happy to assist them as well. Please call our office, and, if we are not there, then my cell phone at 772-341-0334. For current updates, please go to our web page at or for daily updates please like us on FaceBook at

If you have an appointment scheduled with us before May 8th, we will be contacting you to move it to a convenient time in the future.

We also want you to know we have always followed the strictest _health and safety protocols. Our office meets or _exceeds _all local, state, ADA and CDC guidelines. We are not only concerned about the coronarius, but also protect all of our patients, at _every appointment, for more established contagions such as the flu, Hepatitis, MRSA and HIV/AIDS. Everything we use is either steam and pressure sterilized, disinfected with a germicidal agent (effective against TB, strep, staph, salmonella, MRSA, swine flu, and COVID-19.) or is one-use only and disposable. We have always disinfected our counter tops and communal areas - and will continue to do so. We also have hand sanitizers available for your use.

In order to best protect you, and our team members, we are asking patients NOT to visit our office if you have ANY symptoms of cold, flu, coughing, sneezing, a fever or have recently traveled to an area with active spread of COVID-19, such as New York City. For our patients with any of these active signs, we recommend you visit a local emergency room. They have an Oral Surgeon on staff and are prepared to render care to relieve these situations.

I hope this gives you some reassurance that we work diligently to protect you at every appointment. We actually have not had to step-up our actions against the coronavirus, because we have always been overprotective. “It’s a jungle out there.” The coronavirus numbers, and the reporting will get worse, but we will all get through this, as long as we have common sense. I am absolutely confident about that.

Dr. Francis J. DuCoin

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