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My experience with the Ducoin dental practice was perfect. I was treated very warmly and professionally at the same time. The work done was an initial exam and cleaning. I will return next week to have two fillings and feel confident that the experience will be just as positive. Mindy, the hygienist, was very gentle and explained everything which included a tour of the office and the meeting of the other staff. Carolyn, the front desk/receptionist is truly a kind person who puts you to ease right from the start. Linda, Dr. Ducoin's assistant just called to ask how I was doing after yesterday's visit. This is my third dentist in the area and hopefully my last stop.

Christine A.

Dr. DuCoin is a very caring dentist. No one in his office moves forward with any services unless you are comfortable. The doctor and his staff ensure you are not in any discomfort and really care about the patient in their chair. I strongly recommend Dr. DuCoin, Mindy and the rest of his staff to anyone who is afraid of dentists. Very compassionate staff.

Peggy S.

I am from out of town, and needed emergency care. Dr. DuCoin'S staff was so kind and accommodating, getting me a " worked in" appointment. Their office is beautiful, immaculate, and obviously well run. The entire staff is pleasant, welcoming and professional. Dr. Ducoin was just great! He assessed my problem, consulted with my local dentist, treated the issue and sent me on my way pain free and happy! Can't ask for more. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone in need of quality dental care.

Eluzabeth C.

The BEST professional dentistry group in Stuart, Florida!
Dr. DuCoin, Mary, Lynda, Caroline, and Mindy(dental hygienist) are very knowledgeable in the dentistry profession. They make each visit very enjoyable so you definitely look forward to your next dentist appointment. It is very important to take care of the teeth that God has given us so we do not need the extensive dental work that I have received recently. Dr. DuCoin is the most qualified dentist that I ever had to correct my teeth problems since I was neglectful to take proper care of my teeth. You will not be disappointed when you contact this outstanding dental group. In my opinion they are certainly the BEST dental group in this area of Martin County Florida!

Jean L.

I am a 76 year old male who has an upper denture and just had a lower denture in mid Dec. '15. the upper denture is ok to eat with but the lower was not. upon looking for ways to improve my dinning experience on the internet I found the Zest locator mini implant and called the manufacturer to find who put them in near Stuart. they named dr. Ducoin at 808 se ocean blvd.. he put two locators in and I was eating in two days like I had my old teeth back. after the implants were put in I took only four pain pills and I may not have needed the last one and by the way , no more Fixodent hello steak. I feel and ,more importantly, eat like a new man. thank you Dr.Ducoin.

Richard C.

Called on Tues with a problem and was given an appointment the same day. Tooth was filled. I always find the office friendly and efficient. Dr. DuCoin has been my dentist for 10 years and I have always found him to be skillful and compassionate.

Beverly C C.

Have been seeing Dr. Ducoin for years. His office staff is professional and friendly and I highly recommend them.

Pat M.

Friendly, Caring, Professional, Most importantly--knowledgeable, and no pain !

Mary B.

As always, the friendly and professional staff gave me their best. That is why I continue my dental care with your office. I'll be back in July!

Kathie (Kate) R.

Dr. DuCoin, has always been, very kind and professional. I feel very comfortable and trust him especially when he has a needle in his hand.

Paulette T.

I was treated well and professionally.

Shirley K.

The only discomfort I felt was from the anxiety I created myself and for no reason. I sat through 2 crowns with no discomfort or pain, and Dr DuCoin was kind and gentle. I was treated with dignity and respect through out the entire procedure. Thank you!

Debi G.

Actually it went a lot better than I expected. I'm a basket case when it comes to the dentist and this extraction was a bit more difficult as a bridge had to be sectioned to facilitate the extraction. Amazingly little pain as the Novocain worked very well.

Ron O.

Great staff and Doctor. My 12 y/o actually doesn't mind going to the dentist anymore. His experiences w/ Dr. Ducoin and his staff have nullified his anxiety about office visits and teeth being pulled and drilled. He is so comfortable and trusting of them, it makes my life so much easier! Thanks for being awesome! :)

Renee C.

It was my first visit and everyone was very professional and personable. they all acted like they knew me and treated me like i had been coming there for years!

Chan A.

Everyone at Dr. DuCoin's was friendly and helpful. I was especially concerned about my insurance and wondered if my referral from Mrs. Smith was honored. It stated that a complimentary dental exam and consultation was offered. One of the front office ladies was to check on my Delta Dental policy which I greatly appreciated. I am to have an extraction on my next visit and anticipated this. I was somewhat surprised that Dr. DuCoin plans on doing a root canal process on one of my molars. I didn't think it would be necessary. I'm trying to hold costs down as much as possible. I'm no dentist I will admit that but I tend to ask questions about things that I have little control over. Unfortunately I'm pessimistic about many things and this in no way reflects Dr. DuCoin's professional approach to his patients. I'm untrusting about the medical profession in general, but that's me. My wife is from Austria and I've seen socialized medicine at work and it seems to work well for their citizens and if I should need major surgery I would not hesitate to have it done there. My comments are in no way concerned with Dr. DuCoin. He was professional and friendly and I felt he was concerned about my dental problems. And I brought him a lot of problems. I'm looking forward to working with Dr. Ducoin in the future.

Ronald O.

Friendly and Professional relationship for over 25 years

Charlie D.

Prompt taken care of- they are very aware of our time. Very compassionate care. Thank you !

Debi G.

Dr. DuCoin is a very caring and knowledgeable professional and his staff does an admirable job too:)

Teana V.

My experience with Dr. Ducoin and his Staff has always far exceeded any experience I've had with other dentists. I have been seeing Dr. Ducoin for approximately 14-15 years now and both Dr. Ducoin and his staff are professional, extremely knowledgeable, helpful in answering questions and have always had the best solutions for ongoing dental issues.

Katherine A.

You almost look forward to going to the dentist Great work

Tom F.

First of all, thank you and your staff for making me feel so comfortable every time I walk into your office. Your talent and professionalism with the lumineers gave us the end results we were looking for and they are outstanding!!! Combined with the whiting system you use which was gentle on my sensitive teeth, I now have a movie star smile.

With sincere gratitude

Mary K

Nobody likes to go to the dentist, but visiting Dr. DuCoin's office is surprisingly pleasant. It's like "cheers"... everyone not only knows your name, but they remember the names of your spouse, children, parents, etc. The entire staff seems genuinely concerned about you, your health and the health of your family. Most of the time, when you come for a cleaning, Dr. DuCoin will come in, just to say "hi". It's nice to know that there are some medical professionals who really take the time to care.

Aurora G.

Last week we completed the implant/reconstruction of my upper teeth. I can't tell you how extremely happy I am with the final results. The new teeth are structurally sound, comfortable to eat with, and are cosmetically elegant. I especially appreciated your professionalism and tenacity to insure that the implants were properly installed perfectly made. ....You have truly improved the quality of my life and I think you and your most co-operative staff very much.

Steven S., Retired Executive

It was 12 years ago that I came to your office with ill fitting dentures, deep lines in my face, and the inability to chew my food properly. I was deeply depressed by the situation. Your careful planning and work changed all that. You gave me a new and greatly improved smile. The facial lines were gone, and my self-esteem soared. I was no longer ashamed of my smile, and I can eat steak, hoagies and corn on the cob easily. Everyone says I do not look my age. (79).

Most of all I remember your kindness and the way you struggled to keep me comfortable and pain free during the hours of hard work.

I think you, and I want you to know that I hold your very special talents and abilities in the highest regard.

You hold a special place in my heart because, truly, you changed my life.


Ruth Kramp

I would like to tell all of the wondrous people and fantastic professionalism of Dr. F.J. DuCoin DMD, M.S. and his staff. I broke a molar and knew it would need a crown. I called my dentist in the Stuart area and he said he could temporarily fix it, but it would not be permanently fixed for about a week. The mold had to be sent out to a lab and they would take a 5-7 days to get it back to my dentist. I explained that it would not do because I was about to leave for the summer in three days, and drive up north. He politely told me that there was nothing else I could do. I could either delay my departure or travel up north with the broken molar and have it tendered to up there. A friend called and I explained my dilemma, she told me that she had a dentist in Stuart that had a new machine that could make the crown in the office, the same day. It was Dr. DuCoin. I called and they made room for me that day and they couldn't have been nicer or more professional. The Dr, examined me and then with a computer wand traced my broken tooth. It created an image on his computer which was then transferred to a machine that carved out my crown from a solid piece of porcelain. The Dr. affixed the crown and I was on my way, all within 1 1/2 hrs. I made my trip north three days later and was pain and problem free. I later learned Dr. DuCoin is the only doctor with this technology in a 40 mile radius of Stuart.. I think the doctor and his able staff are just the most wonderful professionals I have met in many a year. I highly recommend his services to one and all. It is now two years later and the crown is doing fine.

Thank you, Dr. DuCoin,

Henry Gustafson

My wife and I have become extended �snowbirds� since purchasing a condominium here in Stuart. It became apparent that we needed to have a dentist down here to augment our regular dentist in Virginia for teeth cleaning and a dentist to support any emergency needs. Our neighbor here in Florida, a fellow dentist from up north, suggested we visit with Dr. Fran(k) DuCoin in our selection process. We did and we are very pleased that w have met up with such a fine person and a wonder set of fellow workers. Turns out now that we are using Dr. DuCoin as our regular dentist.

Why the complete turn about? You need only walk into the office to meet the folks out front to feel a warm welcome and a real desire on their part to have us as patients. Our dual teeth cleaning visits were handled by a very fine dental assistant. We both felt that this cleaning was probably the best we had ever experienced. The meet and greet with the doctor went very well. He pointed out the problem areas that needed to be addressed, mostly new crowns, that was consistent with our planned dental work in Virginia.

My wife made the decision that she felt so comfortable with Dr. DuCoin she wanted him as her dentist. She liked his very modern approach to building the crowns in his office using the latest technology available in dentistry today that she wanted to try out this new process. One visit does the task rather than the old fashion way of making a temporary tooth, then coming back two weeks later for a second appointment to have the crown inserted. Everything went perfectly to the extent that I have started my crown replacement program and will finish it up when I come back in October.

I could end this note here but being a scientist in the aerospace industry, I must pass along that I enjoyed watching the full range of wizardry that went on as the crown was being designed and then, watching a very neat machine build the crown. When I left Dr. DuCoin I told him that over the past 80 years of my life I had never enjoyed going to the dentist except this visit and I will look forward to another enjoyable visit in the fall. Imagine looking forward to going to the dentist.

Chuck and Nancy W.

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