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Teeth Whitening – Do you have what it takes to get a bright smile?

Teeth Whitening Stuart FL

Many of us are unhappy about the way we smile. When asked about what people dislike about their smiles, many participants of a survey pointed out at the dull color of their teeth. Hence teeth whitening is one of the most common dental procedures patient look out for when it comes to smile makeover. does it mean that any person can get a bright smile through teeth whitening? what should a patient know before visiting the dental office? our write-up tries to answer some of these questions. if you have any query regarding teeth whitening at stuart, fl call us to make an appointment. our dentist can give you a clear picture of how the process can enhance your smile.

Teeth whitening – What do I need to do to own a bright smile?

There are several factors related to the teeth, oral health, lifestyle and food that can affect the color of your teeth. A dentist performs comprehensive checkup to let you know if you are the right candidate to get your teeth whitened.

The Age Factor:

Any person, who has fully developed pulps in all his / her teeth, can undergo teeth whitening. Normally the pulp gets fully developed by the time a person is about 14 years old. Once the pulp is developed there are lesser chances of teeth sensitivity.

The Oral Health Factor:

A person who wants to undergo teeth whitening should be free from tooth decay and gum infection. He/she should not have teeth restorations. Problems like receding gums can make teeth whitening an impossible task. A dentist’s first concern will be to treat such problems before going ahead with teeth whitening.

The Sensitivity Factor:

Some patients may experience sensitivity triggered from teeth whitening agents. Dentists will normally ask questions related to teeth sensitivity and allergy before performing the cosmetic procedure.

The Thickness of Enamel Layer:

The results achieved through teeth whitening may depend on the thickness of the enamel layer. A dentist may recommend dental veneers instead of teeth whitening if the teeth wear is severe. Such patients may also be given mouth guards to protect the cosmetic shells.

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