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Choosing Teeth Whitening after Dental Implants

Are Teeth Whitening Possible After Dental Implants

Many choose to do cosmetic dentistry in Stuart like teeth whitening, veneers to enhance the appearance of their existing teeth, and dental implants to replace their missing teeth. In a previous blog post, we discussed seven popular cosmetic dentistry treatments in Stuart. However, in this blog post, we will understand choosing teeth whitening after dental implants.

With all these different dental treatments in Stuart, a very common doubt that occurs to many is can teeth whitening in Stuart be done after getting dental implants.

Teeth whitening after dental implants are generally safe. Having said that, it is always safe to first talk to your dentist about any potential risks or side effects before starting the treatment.

Results of Teeth Whitening After Dental Implants in Stuart:

  • The Implant Crown Won't Match the Teeth Around It:

    Porcelain or ceramic are typically used to make dental crowns in Stuart, which are stain-resistant materials.

    However, it's possible that these materials won't react the same way as natural teeth to whitening agents. Because of this, the color of the implant crown and the teeth next to it might look different.

  • Sensitivity:

    Some people, particularly those who already have sensitive teeth, may experience temporary sensitivity as a result of teeth whitening.

    This sensitivity can make it hard to eat or drink certain foods and drinks for a while, making it uncomfortable.

  • An Injury to the Implant:

    While teeth whitening is generally safe for natural teeth, improper application has the potential to harm dental implants.

    Damage to the crown, abutment, or implant itself are examples of this. It is vital to talk to an expert dentist who is excellent in dental practice in Stuart before endeavoring any teeth brightening medicines to guarantee they are protected and proper for your particular dental requirements.

  • Stains Reappearing Again:

    Teeth whitening is not a solution that lasts forever, and the effects may wear off over time.

    Stains on the implant crown may reappear as a result, necessitating additional whitening procedures to achieve the desired brightness.

    However, to reduce the likelihood of complications, it is essential to discuss any potential risks or side effects with your dentist and to adhere to their recommended treatment plan.

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