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One Visit Crowns in Stuart

In One Visit . . . with Dr. DuCoin and CEREC 3

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Cerec machine

Imagine how convenient it would be to go to your dental office, have your tooth that has significant decay in it, cleaned out, reinforced and have a beautiful, new solid matching tooth in its place, all in one visit! That's exactly what Dr. DuCoin can do for you. He had the first machine in Martin Count years ago that can mill out a perfectly fitting, perfectly beautiful tooth. (Don't worry, the Cerec machine has recently been upgraded.) You don't have to go home with a temporary tooth and hope it doesn't come off at some inopportune time, then in two or three weeks, come in again and hope the temporary comes off easily and the new crown fits. All of this for the same price as a lab-made tooth that actually is more attractive and more convenient for you. Call Carolyn at 287-6159 and make an appointment if you know you need a crown on a tooth, might in the future, or want to replace an existing crown.

FAQs on Dental Crowns in Stuart, FL

How Long Will My Crown Last?

Dental crowns in Botox last for at least 15 years with proper care and maintenance. The material used to make dental crowns are very durable and similar in strength and hardness, which makes your crown last for a very long time.

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