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Teeth Whitening: Benefits and Procedure

Teeth Whitening: Benefits and Procedure | Stuart, FL

Cosmetic dentistry provides convincing solutions to transform your intensely stained teeth back to its dazzling white color. Teeth whitening, that is part of the cosmetic dentistry, involves elaborate procedures that remove stains and turn the teeth whiter in color. In our previous blog, we have explained 7 common cosmetic dentistry treatments in Stuart. Two customary ways to perform teeth whitening are through the bleaching method or the non-bleaching method.

Bleaching and Teeth Whitening in Stuart:

The terms “whitening” and “bleaching” are employed interchangeably. But the term bleaching must be used specifically when a product has bleach in it. The term whitening is limited to those products which get rid of debris or food without performing a bleach.

Peroxide, namely carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, is an important component of bleaching products. They clean the deep stains and can make the teeth brighter than the natural shade. Those bleaching products which you can obtain from a dentist in Stuart are stronger and effective than the ones sold without any prescriptions. Whiteners utilized by the dentists will have up to 45% peroxide.

Teeth Whitening Alternatives in Stuart:

Many methods like whitening strips, tooth pastes, tray bleaching etc exists for teeth whitening. But if you are planning to opt for bleaching, consider the advice of a dentist rather than opting for ready-made products.

The Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure:

Cosmetic dentistry in Stuart can suggest the finest whitening choices for you. Dentists can oversee a treatment plan to prevent any issues. Professional whitening can be performed in any reputed dental practice Stuart within an hour.

A whitening gel containing up to 40% hydrogen peroxide is applied first. A heating lamp is then targeted at the teeth for duration of twenty minutes with three intervals. The gel is applied again during these intervals. Some dentists use lasers which reportedly activate the whitening process. During the procedure, a shielding barrier is used to keep the gums, tongue and lips away from the whitening gel.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening in Stuart:

  1. Nobody is immune to the problems posed by routine drinks such as soda, tea, coffee or wine. Teeth whitening combat these stains effectively.
  2. The possibilities of improving your performance in a job increases favorably after undergoing teeth whitening. It heightens your self-confidence.
  3. The combination of a professional teeth whitening Stuart plus an enhancement at home later can produce significant results without being expensive.

Find a Dentist in Stuart For Your Teeth Whitening Requirements:

If you want to obtain more information about professional teeth whitening in Stuart, request for an appointment with Dr. Francis J DuCoin at the DuCoin Center for Advanced Dentistry. Browse through our website or dial us at 772-287-6159 for a conversation right away.

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