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Emergency Dental Implants: How to Get the Care You Need?

Reasons to Visit Emergency Dentist | Dental Implants Stuart

Dental care is an often avoided healthcare aspect. This occurs due to negligence, fear of pain and ignorance. It is advised to visit a dentist for general check-up and cleaning every six months. But what would you do in case of a dental emergency that may require affixing an emergency dental implants. In our previous blog, we have explained dental implants treatment if you have gum disease in Stuart. Discover more information about emergency dental implant care from below.

6 Reasons You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist for Dental Implants in Stuart:

  1. Teeth Lost In An Accident:

    Teeth lost in an accident may require help from an emergency dentist in Stuart. If you have at least one missing tooth, then an implant dentist can affix a dental implant for you. A porcelain crown affixed above the dental implant resembles a natural tooth. Moreover, it makes you feel confident in public as you regain your natural smile.

  2. Infected Tooth:

    If you have an infected tooth that started with tooth decay and infected the root of the tooth, you might need a tooth extraction. Moreover, if other repair solutions cannot fix the problem, you would need an emergency dental implant to replace the tooth.

  3. Dentures or Bridges Aren’t Working For You:

    If you have dentures or bridges and with time, they have become loose then you might need emergency dental implants in Stuart. Dental implants are permanent since they bind with the jawbone, and you do not have to worry about them falling out like dentures or bridges.

  4. Existing Dental Implant Failure:

    Dental implants have a high success rate and last for life. It helps you maintain good oral hygiene. But if you happen to damage your implant, it calls for an emergency. If neglected, it could deteriorate the health of the implant and make it a failure. It is central to prolonging ideal oral health for retaining robust teeth and healthy gums. If you feel discomfort with your implant, you might need emergency dental care.

  5. A Tooth That is Completely Damaged:

    It is ideal to prolong the health of natural teeth. But if solutions to fix the problem do not work and the tooth condition is beyond repair, the emergency dentist in Stuart may advise you to get an implant. When you cannot eat, chew, or speak due to damaged teeth then you might need an emergency dental implant.

  6. Jawbone Loss:

    If you have one or more missing teeth you may observe jawbone loss and that impacts your facial looks. Dental practice in Stuart recommends a dental implant as it can stop the jawbone loss since it keeps the jawbone stimulated by exerting the bite force pressure and binding with the metal post.


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